Terra Chip

TerraChip is a seamless flooring system that combines non-porous protection with architectural beauty. The customer has the ability to select standard color blends or to create a pattern and color scheme unique to each environment.

This beautiful mosaic pattern is created with vinyl acrylic flakes which are embedded into industrial epoxy. This process creates a seamless, decorative system that brightens up your room and hides existing flaws in your floor. To enhance and protect your floor it is finished with Terra Thane, an advanced polyurea technology. The advanced polyurea technology TerraThane is a solvent free clear coat that provides protection from damaging UV light and provides chemical and stain resistance for your floor. This finish is available in a gloss or satin finish.

TerraChip’s combination of looks, performance, and versatility make it the premiere decorative coating system available. From garage floors to hospitals, locker rooms to automotive showrooms, from classrooms to commercial kitchens, TerraChip is the look you want with the performance you need.

Features & Benefits:

Aesthetic: Provides an attractive finish with endless design capabilities. Exhibits superior gloss and color stability

Sanitary: Seamless, non-porous finish results in easy cleanup

100% Solids: Low odor makes it ideal for use in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage facilities

Long Lasting: Provides excellent resistance to mechanical wear and continual cleanup. Exhibits superior color and gloss stability

Chemical Resistant: Provides resistance to a variety of chemicals

Terra Chip Applications:

  • Pharmaceutical Production and Storage Areas

  • Laboratories

  • Food and Beverage Processing Areas

  • Cafeterias and Kitchens

  • Garages

  • Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

  • Lobbies, Aisles, and Offices Showrooms

  • Schools & Universities

  • Restrooms, Showers and Locker Rooms

  • Animal Holding Areas








Blue Steel


Terra Chip Deco

This decorative mica floor system has the same features and benefits as the original TerraChip. However, TerraChip Deco flakes are made from mica! The mica chips are still embedded in epoxy but mimic the appearance and luster of natural stone and minerals resulting in a truly spectacular floor.

Features & Benefits:

The six standard blends offer a range of looks—choose the more subtle natural stone looks of Smoky Mountain or Oyster Bay, or make your floor pop with the addition of gold and copper found in the Cripple Creek or Sutter’s Mill blends.

TerraChip Deco is the latest addition to the TerraChip product family. This is the system of choice when you are looking for something apart from the ordinary.

Terra Chip Applications:

  • Seamless protection of floors and walls

  • Low Maintenance

  • Superior UV protection and stain resistance

  • Minimal downtime for installation

Oyster Bay

Sutter's Mill

Pebble Beach

El Dorado

Crested Butte

Cripple Creek

Terra Quartz

This classic multi-colored quartz floor is the perfect combination of rugged durability and beauty. The 1/8” thick system provides a seamless barrier of protection for your concrete that can handle more aggressive environments than typical decorative systems. Wet processing areas and tough physical abuse are not a problem for TerraQuartz, but this performance is not at the expense of aesthetics. The blended quartz aggregate creates a beautiful tweed appearance.

Terra Quartz Features & Benefits:

While other manufacturers can provide quartz floors, aifllooring’s clear coat technology makes TerraQuartz the superior choice. Standard quartz floors can dull and fade in a matter of months, or even weeks, but the light stable technology in the Sealer LS and TerraThane clear coats ensure that your TerraQuartz floor looks great for years to come. With TerraQuartz, you get the performance that an 1/8” epoxy system provides with the lasting beauty that only aiflooring can provide.

Gray Flannel






Salt & Pepper



Terra Tono

Terra Tono is a unique artistic coating. This coating system adds a creative flair to any room. Designed to produce a stain-like appearance, TerraTono stands apart from other decorative coating systems. It is an ideal solution for any project you want to elevate.

This specialty coating outperforms conventional concrete staining methods, while not suffering the limitations that traditional staining methods encounter. This product is perfect for covering existing coatings or sealers on your cement or covering different concrete pours.

TerraTono is available in a variety of colors to meet your design needs. It is also available in two finishes—the traditional high gloss finish, or a satin finish. Either will provide you with superior performance to protect the unique look of your space.

Terra Tono Commercial Applications:

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Stores

  • Outdoor Patios

  • Showroom Floors

  • Basement Floors

  • Wine Room






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